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Re: 89-90 200q (5000tq also?) 0-60 times?

>  A quick question for 89-90 200Q owners - What kind of 0-60 times do you 
>get? I suppose this is also apliccable for late model 5000tq owners..
>  Do you have a IA / Superchips / TAP chip? What kinds of gains do you 
>estimate, and what are your new 0-60 times? 
>  Do you have any other mods? Exhaust? Intake? Turbo? Etc?
>  Do you have an HP estimate? 1/4 mile time/estimate?
>  Thanks in advance!!

TAP and Superchips = BOOM!  IA is the way to go.

0-60 in like 6.5 seconds, HP is "Around" 325.  1/4 mile, Dunno have'nt 
done it.... Don't really care.  Mods.... No Kitty otherwise stock 
exhaust, cam timing has been altered, and a IA stage 2 (2.0 bar) box, 
other than that nothing.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com