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Bentley manuals...

While reorganizing the bookshelves in my bedroom, I decided to move my auto
repair manuals to another shelf.  I was surprised to realize that I have 11
-- count 'em, 11 -- Bentley manuals, including 1 duplicate (I needed a good
copy to take with me to the races and a grungy copy for use when working on
the car) as well as early and late versions of the manual for the same car.
At current list prices, I shudder to think what they'd cost to replace!

Can anyone top this, professional mechanics excluded?  I wonder if they are
considered collectible? (I bought an original Audi Fox manual off the shelf
of a local foreign car parts place last summer ... I offered him $10 for it
and after thinking about it for a few minutes, he decided to take it seeing
that the car had been out of production for 16 years and he hadn't sold any
parts for one in the last 5 years!  This place is truly an experience: last
time I stopped by, he still had NOS Konis on the shelf for a Rover 3500 and
Triumph 2000, not to mention a Renault R17 Gordini!)
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