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Re: for sale: 85 Coupe GT, parts

> Also, what is the fuel comsumtion penalty of driving quattro at highway 
> speeds?  5%??

... sorry to hear about your Coupe Kenny ... almost sounds like something 
you would see on the old CHiPs TV show!  Are you selling the car whole
or parting it out?  Let me know via private e-mail.  Thanks!

I read that when Audi studied the losses incurred by an AWD system, they
found that any losses that were incurred by the additional mechanicals
were made up by the reduction in rolling resistance of the tires because
the driving torque is distributed to all four.  Of course the system is
heavier, and this will exact a penalty.  There should be no aerodynamic
penalty for AWD (of course).  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)