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URQ PARTS for sale

     I've been off the list for about 6mos now. Feels good to be back.  
     Unfortunately I'm between Audi's right know (but still close) and have 
     to sell some TQC parts:
     Front and rear bumpers, green, scuffed but repairable, from an 83 US 
     Front Air dam/valance piece, from same car. 
     + assorted parts of little value, mostly small interior pieces.
     +Two Bumper shocks, good for colapsing to make Euro look while keeping 
     your originals in tact.
     Everything for $275 O.B.O or possible trade?
     The parts are located in cleveland, 
     Rod Wiggins <rwiggins@clev.frb.org>
     86 Porsche 944 turbo
     90 VW Corrado G60