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Re: Driving on snow / quattro system

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995 LToy@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 95-12-13 11:35:51 EST, eliot@u.washington.edu (Eliot Lim)
> writes:
> >> It is a "torsen" (TORque-SENsing) diff, which allocates torque
> >> to the end with the most traction, to a maximum split of
> >> 25%/75% or 75/25.
> >
> >and this is done by partial "locking".
> Not to pick nits, but what is partial locking?  either it is or it isn't.  
> (you know what they say about being kinda pregnant)

i was afraid this would happen.  ok.  "locking" is not really a precise
technical term and is open to interpretation.  the action of torque
redistribution is described as "locking" by some, including the
engineers who build them.  

conversely, the original quattros with the "solid" locks also redistributed
torque.  in the extreme case e.g. front wheels in the air, the torque was
redistributed 0/100.  see?  does this make the solid lock a torsen unit?

"partial locking" really means redistributing a percentage rather than
100% of torque.

i have no beef over terminology as long as everyone understands what is
going on.