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Parts stuff

Picked up a new radiator today (finally).  Made by CFS (all metal) - $164.00.
 That's 11.00 cheaper than Olympic, at my neighborhood radiator shop.
 Olympic was also made by CFS.

Got a TAP brochure today.  Although I'm no longer really interested in their
chip, they do offer Extrude honed exhausts - all Audis - for $575.00
exchange.  For those of you that don't want the turnaround time...

They also offered massaged throttle bodies (marked down $100.00) for $295.00
exchange, and new cam w/head/intake/exhaust massaging for $1895.00  I don't
have any experience with them, so the usual disclaimers apply.  Just passing
the info on for those with a larger wallet than I.

Also talked to the people at PAP.  They were very surprised and excited that
there were people talking about them on the internet.  Simple phone call to
their 800 # gets you their monthly special brochure.

Blew an upper radiator hose last night (hey, its 8+ years old and OEM).
 Supposed to be a 3 piece upgrade to the 3 way molded hose (447 121 101H is
old #).  The three pieces together cost $100.00!  Other local dealer had the
old style in stock for $76.80.  My local foreign parts wizard will have it
overnighted from NY for $52.00.  I'm smart enough to know that know its time
to do the rest of them (Yes Peter, I'll be calling you sooon!).

The Gods and happy, and so is Visa...

Dave Head