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Squirrly 4000q

re: 4000Q squirrly

1) your 195/60 Eagle STs are terrible snow tires
2) Cavalier's and the like have a great deal of
   understeer, which promotes "directional stability"
   (that means it wont turn)
3) Audis and most HP cars do feed back much more
   information through the steering - which may feel
4) Overall, I could not live with AWD and 195/60
   summer tires.  I tried it on my 84 4000Q - I didn;t
   like it.  Get narrow snow tires if you want
   safety in the muck.  My opinion is that I'd
   rather wear out relatively cheper snows than
   relatively more costly tires.
   A good size for you would be 175/70-14 or 185/70-14,
   pick your favorite winter tire(gislaved, Eagle GW,
   Pirelli 190, Michelin ALPIN, or, if you can find
   old stock, Vreedstein SNOW+)