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Re: Testing EPROMS

Earlier, R1chT@aol.com wrote:
> > .......
> > Someone on this list tested an IA-modified CPU's EPROM and found it to
> >be identical to stock......
> >
> >-bob
> Is "Someone" listening out there that can report on this? ( I'm having some
> trouble retrieving the larger archives.)
I examined EPROMS from T.A.P. - and found them to be identical
to stock.   Haven't had my hands on an I.A. modified ECU yet.

Some of my postings from that same time period - the TAP modified
ECU never worked right, finally had them return the ECU to stock
(which they did a very sloppy job on), but they refused to refund
my money.  You figure it from there ...

    - Charlie

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