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Re: Chg timing belt/front crank seal/rotors

>Does anybody have directions on changing the front crank seal since I'll be
>changing the timing belt as well?
You can either take the oil pump off (total pain in the butt) to get the seal out,
or you can use some special audi tool for winkeling it out. I did neither - I got
a smallish drill bit (maybe 2 or 3 mm) and drilled a hole in the seal. I then screwed
in a self tapping screw, and used that to yank the seal out. Dead easy!
The new seal pushes in readily using an appropriately sized socket, piece of pipe etc.

Caveat - the screw-in-the-seal approach worked for me, but obviously you are totally
destroying the existing seal and are beyond the point of no return at that point, so
you'd better be ready!

Nick Craft