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Re: EPROMs & mods, etc.

Ned knows his way around the inside of a 2532. When up in Brainerd
last year, he wondered if I had a chip carrier installed in my 83 TQC
ECU. When I said yes, he offered to bring over his laptop with the
romulator extension and alter a memory location on the fly. He said
it would improve the drivability. Wanting to maximize my track time, I
declined. Later one of the evenings, Ned and I got into a nice
discussion about PROM upgrades,  ECU code, disassemblers,
OBD II, and his trick VW 15?? tool which connects to the diag port
and displays fault values.

Please post the results of the comparison. I am interested to hear
what the outcome is.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
83 TQC
86 gt