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Corrosion Warranty?

      Greetings All,

          I was wondering whether any of you knew what the corrosion warranty c
overs from Audi.  The car is a 1988 Audi 5000CS TQ and it has some minor rust s
pots starting to appear inbetween the body (below the tailight assembly) and th
e rear bumper.  It is not visible until you look into that groove but it still
bothers me, and my fear is that it could spread.  So, while it is still an easy
repair I am going to try to get it treated and resprayed over the holidays.

          But, I seem to remember a 10 year warranty agains rust and corrosion
of the body from Audi.  This car is in great condition and is a southern car (n
ever exposed to salt like up north) and there isn't anything like a chip there,
not even a scratch!  I think that water sits under there for long periods of ti
me after it rains and that constant exposure to moisture did it, but I know the
body has that zinc-oxide coating to protect agains that sorta thing from happen
ing, so I wonder why?  Anyways, I was wondered if my 8 year old Audi is still c
overed under this "10 year warranty"?  If so then I should be able to get it re
paired under warranty, right?  Or, is there some fine print I didn't read somew
here?  Any information appreciated.  Thanks!