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Dear List Members,

As you may know already, I've ordered some all stainless exhaust systems from
Europe for the Turbo Quattro Coupes. The front piece extends from the
downpipe to the rear section with no middle muffler and no catalyst. It uses
all factory mounting points, is very lightweight, and reduces backpressure
tremendously. Price should be between $295-$315 depending on customs,etc. I
will have these by Christmas if not before.

The other piece I am importing is a stainless muffler for the rear section.
It will never rust and has a straight-through design unlike the factory
baffle system. Backpressure is reduced, and factory mounting points are
maintained. This piece can be welded in place of your stock rear muffler to
replace rusted boxes or just increase performance. This piece will cost
between $250-$280 depending on customs.

Please e-mail me soon if you would like to reserve a part or ask a question.
I have these pieces on my own car, and am very happy with their performance.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Gary Hewson  (310) 394-3362 (H)  (310) 226-7416 (W)