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Re: Dash rattle

In a message dated 95-12-16 02:13:33 EST, Franco writes:

>I do have an annoying rattle somewhere inside the dash
>that I can't decide what to do about.  The rattle started
>out very quiet last April when I got the car, and has only
>just recently gotten a little louder.  You can hear it
>anytime the road is not perfectly smooth.  It doesn't matter
>if you're going 25 or 75, you can hear it about the same.

I have a '92 100S (ie same as the A6) and I too have a noise that comes from
somewhere near the dash. And it generally only happens when I hit a sharp
frost heave or bump. I think I have isolated it to the plastic tray that is
covering the firewall near the wiper motor etc... so, I don't think it is in
the dash. When I opened the hood and banged on this piece (it runs width-wise
across the car at the base of the windshield), it seemed to make the same
noise. I, too haven't done much about it, since it doesn't happen too often.

And I agree, I don't want to bring it to the dealer for something like this
for all the reasons you state... it will come back with other problems in
addition to still having the original problem (not necessarily 'cuz the
dealer is incompetent, but 'cuz rattles are hard to isolate.)

So, take a look at this piece. It may not be in your dash after all....

Worth considering anyway... it may save the removal of your dash

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