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Re: 88, 89 imsa cars

> I certainally hope that it happen's!  The A4Q Touring car is a pretty 
> Incredible machine......  Truly ALOT of fun.... And the series would be a 
> HUGE Crowd pleaser, maybe that's why NASCAR does not want it to happen....

IMHO, NASCAR, Inc. would have good reason to worry if this series ever lands
here in the U.S. of A.  I've been following it since 1990 and judging by the
highlight tapes I get every year, it offers some of the most competitive and
fun-to-watch racing around.  Even my F1-loving girlfriend (she's from the UK
and also loves Soccer -- er, "football" -- and warm beer) agrees with me and
if you knew her, you'd realize *that's* really saying something ... and with
Audi slated to field a team in 1996, it should only get better.

BTW, the new Duke video "BTCC - In-Car Experience" has got 75 minutes of the
1994 BTCC season as seen from the in-car camera's point-of-view ... amazing,
especially if you're a racer yourself (I wish they'd run ALL racing coverage
this way ... if I ever hear Sam Posey and his stupid yammering again, I will

There, I feel *much* better now ... time to go work on the car (again).  :^)

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