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5000 fuel pump/filter

Hello all.
T'was just at the dealer the other day inquiring about the fuel pump
replacement job. Mechanic yanked out the factory 'bible' for the 87 5000s
and showed me the nice access panel in the trunk. It's a round opening
that's in the front right corner of the gas tank when viewed from the rear.
Got carpet and cover over it.
So the tank does not need to be dropped for the procedure.
But the less gas in the tank, the less one has to swish around in unleaded.

Also checked with Parts dept. about the secondary filter that I thought
existed near fuel tank. No such luck. His fiche only showed a restrictor?
by the tank near the accumulators.

Does anyone know if the non-turbo non-quattro has a secondary filter by the
tank. Or does it just rely on the main fuel filter in the engine

Thought I read on the list here that there was another filter. And I don't
mean the possible existence of the little wad of foam in the distributor
that's supposed to be removed after couple hundred miles of engine

Thanks for any pearls of wisdom as usual.

Wonder who's going to be series sponsor for a Murican Touring Car series.
That would be one series to watch. I've been lucky to see a few British and
German Touring Car races while in Hong Kong from the BBC Asia feed. Them
boys/girls like to stamp their own sponsor's logo on offending driver's

Ernest Wong