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imsa car & btcc

At the formation meeting and picnic of the Northwest Region of the AQC (Sept
'95, Chehalis WA), a fellow showed up with an 88 5000Q with pretty neat
graphics.  When I asked him about it, he said it was one of the two imsa
cars.  That drew a crowd, and lots of us "inspected" the car thoroughly.
The cage had been removed, but the car still had lots of lightweight parts.
He had some ducumentation, even.  If the car was a fake, it was pretty
thorough. The guy had a for sale sign on the car, but I don't think he was
really interested in pushing it.  My recollection is poor, but it seems to
me he lived in Olympia, and was a friend of Ned's.  Parked next to Ned's
beast, even.  BTW, a ride in the beast is worth asking for...

I have watched some of the BTCC, and GTCC as well, on the Prime Sports
Network.  Their coverage is sometimes a little odd, but the action is always
impressive.  Rain or shine, those guys really drive the wheels off those cars.