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Re: BTCC on TV?

On Sun, 17 Dec 1995, Daniel Hussey wrote:

> I for one have seen many of the various GTCC series races.  

er, i think BTCC refers to "british touring cars" while GTCC refers to
"german touring cars".  similar, but the rules are different. i'm
sure someone can elaborate better.

> And, actually I seem to remember an Audi V8 racing in that series
> a few years ago....I remember this because in one of the races I was watchin

just like in trans am and imsa GTO, the audi v8's kicked butt and took
no prisoners.  :) hans stuck won the championship in 1990 and frank
beila (sp?) won it in 1991.  after that they pulled out.  i seem to
recall that the reason for that was that audi wanted to use a flat plane
crankshaft (more bhp, but rougher) but that was outlawed.

i'm glad the v8 made its mark.  2 years it competed and 2 years it won
the championship.  i may have seen reports of the a4q doing very well
in BTCC as well, perhaps even winning the championship.. anyone knows
for sure?