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Fixin' coin changer/grease doors

Does anybody have a recommendation on the best grease or spray lubercant on
the door latches (whatever they are called where its bolted to the body).  My
door creaks at that certain point and I have sprayed various "over the
counter" spray lubercants.  None seem to work.  Is good old grease the best?

Also, the cover on my change holder has to be pressed about 6-8 times before
it opens.  Can one take off the back of the cover and replace a spring?
 According to dealer the entire unit replaces, not the cover. ($16.00 dealer
cost).  It seems to work better for 2-3 times after I take a small
screwdriver head and push down the spring mechanism.  Unfortunately, its back
to being a pain in the butt now.  



89 200tq
90 100q