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Re: 88, 89 imsa cars

In Autoweek(May 23,1988)  there is an article about Haywood and the 200 
TQ racing in the SCCA TransAm series.  
Brendan Rudack
On Sat, 16 Dec 1995, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>       Hey guys,
>           I'm sure y'all know more about this stuff than I do, but I seem to re
> member a 200TQ (Group 44) IMSA race car.  I believed it raced in the IMSA GTO s
> eries....the same series as the Roush Mustangs, Camaros, and Vettes!  I hear fr
> om y'all that Audi raced a 5000TQ in '88, in Trans Am, but I think they raced t
> he 200TQ in '89 in the GTO/GTU series.  Any comments?  Or, am I just crazy?
>            I just seem to remember it being in the Audi ads for the 200TQ....an
> d maybee that just confused me.  Anyways...I thought there was a 200TQ race car
> too.  There are pictures of that car hanging all over my mechanics shop and it
> looks pretty much like a tube frame car with a fiberglass body, large wheel wel
> ls, and a large spoiler on the back with QUATTRO script on it!  Sweet!
>            Another comment: A friend of mine from NY says that some guy on Long
>  Island or Statton Island has one of these and races it.  Any one seen it aroun
> d at local New England race tracks, like Lime Rock?
>                                                          Later,
>                                                          Dan