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Re: SCCA 5ks

On 18 Dec 1995, Neil Swanson wrote:

> All this talk about the TransAm Audis brought back memmories.  
>I saw them race
> at Lime Rock. 

> Haywood was there and the other driver was Rohl.
> But maybe it was Hans Stuck. 
> I'm unsure because of what I later saw that I am
> sure of.

that's easy.  rohrl has a full head of hair.  stuck doesn't.  i don't
remember who drove at lime rock though, but i can go check the volumes
of articles that were written.

> I'm still shopping for my Q.  
>The presspool E320 went back today and we have a
> blue S6 wagon till after Christmas. 

so what publication is this where you get press vehicles?  would it be
one that i constantly insult?  :)