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Re: Five spoke wheels/Audi 5000CSQ

> 	I got the impression he was talking about the stock '86/'87 
> wheel, since he said 'wide spokes, with small centre ring.'
> 	I guess we need pictures.
... I was thinking he was talking about the later style Audi turbo 
wheels myself.  You should be able to tell by whether or not the lug 
bolts are visible or the center of the wheel is covered by a cap that 
is flush with the main surface which is basically planar.  The Fuchs 
wheels do not have the flat external surface.  The stock turbo wheels 
are much cheaper than the forged Fuchs ... I got a set of 5 take-offs 
for $200.

The microfiche has a line drawing that does allow the two to be
discerned ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose ,CA (USA)