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Shocks, warranties and hyd vs gas

Hi All,

Does anybody have information regarding the warranties offered by 
shock absorber manufacturers, namely Boge and Koni?  Particularly, 
are warranties honoured outside the country of purchase?  I'm 
thinking of getting some Koni shocks to replace the dead ones in my 
4k, but they are so expensive here that I'm considering getting them 
from overseas.  I don't want to be without the warranty though.

Can anyone find out if products purchased elsewhere will be covered?

Also, there's only hydraulics ("Automatics") available here in Boge
for the 4k.  These would be original equipment wouldn't they?  Sorry
if this is a dumb question, but how well do these ride?  Do 
hydraulics ride as well as gas (e.g. Koni adjustables) and just 
handle worse, or are they worse on both counts?  Anything will be 
better than what's on the car now.  Any thoughts would be 


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