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Re: imsa car & btcc

In a message dated 95-12-18 15:38:50 EST, you write:

>>> At the formation meeting and picnic of the Northwest Region of the AQC
>>> '95, Chehalis WA), a fellow showed up with an 88 5000Q with pretty neat
>>> graphics.  When I asked him about it, he said it was one of the two imsa
>>> cars. 
>>It was my understanding that Audi retained the IMSA and SCCA cars for
>>their museum and thats where they are today.  Bob
>Ned and I had several long talks about that car and it's the IMSA 
>Firehawk Endurance car, TOTALLY Different from what we were talking about.

last year at the first PIR quattro club event, i had a chance to "drive"
Ned's car (ok, so it was only the lane toss--probably a good thing too, since
he later had something go awry giving him much more boost than he normally
used at the time!).  that car stayed extremely flat in handling the lane
tosses.  Ned mentioned that his car had a "modified" suspension--the bilstein
struts in the car may have had catalogued part numbers, but they had been

later that weekend, he mentioned that most of the suspension pieces came off
a friend's ex-Firehawk car, and that the source car was mostly a
shell--wonder if there's a connection here or if TWO of these things ended up
in the Northwest (of course, with Ned's friend!)