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re: 90CQ Rr. wiper

On Monday 18 December, Jeff Johnstone said:

>The rear wiper in my 90 coupe' is dieing a *slow* and painful death. I say slow
>because it has been a problem that has gotten worse over time. When I got the
>car it worked perfect, everytime.
 I have the same problem with my coupe q.  When the rear window washer has 
soaked the window, the wiper works as it should.  Afterwards, it starts to drag
and chatter, sometimes even sit still!

Evidently there was enough of as problem with the Coupe Q wiper chattering
that in October of 1992, the factory set out a service bulletin.  In a nutshell,
the symptom is that the wiper will drag, or chatter across the rear window 
(generally act as if the motor is on its last legs). The solution is to 
carefully bend (carefully) the wiper arm so that the angle of the wiper blade
is perpendicular to the window.  I don't recall the exact technique, but the 
recommended tool is basically a metal rod with a slot cut into it:
      |   |
      |   |
      |__ |
      |   |     
 You're supposed to place the slot over the wiper arm above the blade and
gently twist the arm until the angle is correct. I'll assume that you can
get the same effect through careful use of a pair of "vise-grips".

I believe this technique is also shown in the Bentley Manual for the 
80/90 and the Coupe Quattro.

Good Luck!      
Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro...(today's forecast: Northeaster with 1-2ft of snow in the
Schulz@ed.ray.com     next 48 hrs!)