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Re: Specs on Audi 80

>Does anybody know what the power output of the
>4 cylinder in the Audi 80 (1988) is ? 

>I am finalising a deal on one and would appreciate
>any information (good, bad or specs) on it. Thanks.

Depends on the car, turbo or non-turbo, injection or non-injection. If it is the non-turbo, non-injection then:

It depends on the engine size, as I am aware they phased out the 1.6 in 1985, so you probably have a 1.8 engine which develops 66kw (sorry no HP rating comes to mind) although I am not sure if that is the only engine they produced in 88, there may be a 2.0 version.??

I am very happy with my 80 at the moment despite some niggles, and it is a car you can definitely take pride in. Good MPG to with 50.1 MPG at constant 56mph and 39.0 at 70mph.

If there is anything else you want to know about my car, drop a line.


85 80GL