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Re: A4 stereo poll

Removal of the new Audi radio requires a pair of flat pullers; your dealer
should have them at a reasonable(?) price.  I believe that, up to now, only
Audi is using this particular removal tool configuration.

The new Audi Delta radio (read Blaupunkt) is an unusual size.  The basic hole
in the dash is a DIN onfiguration, but the faceplate is wider by something
like an inch.  Any number of aftermarker DIN size radios will *fit*, but you
will have a cosmetic challenge to fill out the gaps on the left and right
sides because the new radio won't extend far enough.

Maybe a simple question is in order prior to all the effort.  Have you
listened to the Bose system?  My ears are not of Audi-ophile quality, but it
sounds pretty good.  It is also capable of directly driving a CD changer
available from Audi at a fair price, if you consider that it takes none of
your effort and is covered by the warranty (it's an Alpine 6 disc changer,
trunk mounted).

Before going to all the trouble of throwing out a $640 factory option, you
might want to consider the aggrivation and cost of a self-inflicted solution.
 Like I said, the factory stuff is warranted for three years/50,000 miles.
 Given a vehicle environment, that's worth something, especially for the CD