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95 Delta GALA feature etc.

So this S6 wagon has a "delt a" radio, witha "GALA" feature that's
supposed to increase the volume with increased speed.  I don't notice
any such effect.

You can program the thing, hold the TP button when you turn the radio
on, you then get to switch a GALA setting between three positions
(left/middle/right) and a VOLUME setting between five similar
positions.  I've tried various combinations, still no noticable

Anybody got any ideas about this?

Also, I note that if you hold down the station select 3 button and turn
on the radio, you get to choose between four settings that have a five
digit number (something like 4815.2) and an associated alpha code.
Anybody have any idea what that's about?  I wrote the codes down, but
left the note in the car...

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