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Re: Audi Super Touring A4-NATCC

Audi Super Touring A4 - NATCC

Well, this has been a hotty on the digest, so I will let everyone in on what
I know...

>Maybe they will go racing again with the A4Q in the North American Super
Touring Car series.....
>I certainally hope that it happen's!  The A4Q Touring car is a pretty 
>Incredible machine...... 
>As for touring cars here in the US.... It ain't looking good for this 
>year or next.  It's not a entry problem, .....
>There already is a sanctioning body, NATCC.....

Heres the scoop. I talked with Roger Elliot two weeks ago about Audi and
their involvment in the NATCC (Roger is running the NATCC).  He said that he
had just talked with Hans Stuck about running a few, two or three, of the
scheduled races near the end of '96 NATCC series in the Super Touring A4
quattro. Audi has scheduled to run in the '96 BTCC/Super Touring in Germany
as everyone knows and didn't want to spread to thin like BMW did last year in
the BTCC/Super Touring in Germany, so the NATCC wouldn't be a full go for '96
but maybe '97.... : (   Ok sounds good alright so far.  Roger also mentioned
that Jo Hoppen is very involved with Audi.... hmmm.  Ok again. Roger also
suggested that WE (QCUSA)/quattro-digesters and anyone that wants to see Audi
in the NATCC, tell that folks at Audi Sport/Audi AG. He thinks that this may
help get them to run.

Anyway, I will post the NATCC event locations and times later tonight.  They
are run with the Indy cars.

I will be at the Lime Rock & Trois Rivieres races wearing my RED quattro cap,
waving a huge RED Audi flag. (even if they aren't racing...just to scare the
others).  Be there.

Also, In an Autosport Nov 26 issue there is a report that Hans stuck hasn't
signed yet with Audi and that he may be an annoucer for the German Touring
Car TV coverage instead...  Well, not so ok. I will be contacting Audi
Sport/Hans Stuck direct about this rumor and stay in touch with all.  Stay

Thompson Smith
Art Director/QCUSA