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20V Coupe sounded like a turbo!?!?

Hey all,

Last weekend I found a 1990 Coupe Q (red/black) for sale in
Minneapolis and ended up driving it for over an hour.  The car is
in beautiful shape and has 58k on the clock.  It ran very smoothly
and I didn't notice anything peculiar about the car, except for
one thing...  while accelerating, I could hear a FAINT whistling
sound... somewhat like the whir of a turbocharger spooling up.  It
sounded as if it were coming from the rear of the car, so I'm
wondering if it might have been the fuel pump or something?  This
is only the second 20V I've been in, and the first had noisy
exhaust, so I wouldn't have noticed the sound....  so what about
you other 20V owners (or experienced people)out there?  What might
cause this noise?  

Also, how about Coupe prices out there?  This one is $14,900. 
Sound decent?  I LOVE this car, and it really has me thinking.  :)