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Someone posted about going to work sideways in the snow.....

The snow storm Tuesday night turned southern NY into a 
winter-wonder-land.  There were three types of people on the road: 1) 
those driving quattros  2) those driving sport ute's  3) idiots 
driving rear-wheel drive vehicles and trying to climb steep hills 
covered in ice by stopping at the bottom of the hill and then attempting 
to drive up it....  As anyone can guess, this does not work.

Man, I tell ya.....some of these people here need to do some shopping at 
the "clue store"...  My 90 ALMOST fell prey to an out-of-control Dorf 
Thunderbird that came down a hill sideways.

EARLY this morning (Wednesday), while traveling north, I saw more than a 
couple of cars ditched off the side of the interstate.

I guess my point is: ya'all be careful out there!  Even though we all drive 
one of the best cars in the world, don't let words like "quattro" and 
"anti-lock brakes" lure you into a false sense of security; i.e. you'll 
end up like that ovlov 850 that passed me this morning on the interstate, 
at about 80 mph, in the "ice" lane: ditched! 

 .....but, you guys probably knew that already...

Safe motoring and happy holidays!