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Re: Ned's Rebuttle

    I for one don't have access to Neds ($ wise or technological info) or
knowledge how to read a prom or eprom.  I therefor am happy when those who
do, share the knowledge with the havenots.  I would guess that most of the
listers can differentiate the level of sophistication behind the picks and
pans of the hard core contributors to the list.  I.E. difference between an
irrational dislike of a vendor and a "this is the company line and this is
what I found through bench/real world test" 
     I am lucky to have bought into TURBO Audis long after tuners like Ned
have been putting smile boxes in cars.  I will therefor benefit from
listers like yourself who are providing tech tips similar to Neds for
bargain prices.  By the same token, I recently gave away my Compaq 286 LTE
even though I paid $2,000 when new.  The fact that is worth considerably
less now than when new, doesn't mean that it wasn't worth $2,000 when new. 
     Having a Euro spec coupe, when I spoke to Ned over a year ago, he
mentioned offering me a break on a box given my HP gains over baseline
would not rival a US spec cars gains.  While no figures were mentioned,
this seemed like a sincere gesture though the spare $'s were still not
there at the time ( Speeding ickets in Ct can be expensive!)  As a premier
name in Audi's, his high profile name was easy to find and he helped me
with some (now basic) TQC specific problems over the phone before I joined
the list.  If I were considering a mod today and Ned was comparable to
other chippers mentioned I might still pay up for his box versus trying it
myself because piece of mind with an Audi turbo makes those 300 mile winter
trips a "why not" vs a "my AAA card tow range is only 50" consideration! 
     I consider the good natured give and take between Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob,
Not Bob and let's not forget Bob(you know who you are) to be beneficial.  I
try to take none of it a gospel per say, then decide for myself which way
to go.  I also like to see the more opinionated of us (if there are any)
admit misstatements and the like without, I hope, any permanent personal
pschological flames and such.  I was glad to see Ned respond (however) to
your post and I hope it continues, I hope people still aren't afraid to
post their findings on products of all sorts.  BBBBBBZZZZZTTTT. 
My time is up, hope all have happy holidays and vacations! 
Mike Not Richard Not A Bob (yet!)