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UrQ springs

The story:

When I bought my '83 UrQ it had Koni's and supposedly abt springs. The koni's
were shot, and the ride was like a board. When I blew a tire I replaced all
four with 60 series D40-M2 Dunlaps, not wanting to stiffen the ride any more.
I also have the Ronal 8x15 wheels. I finally replaced the koni's with
standard Boge's and put in the supposedly OEM springs, only to discover that
the ride height is very lowered, and those 60 series tires hit -- principally
in front when the wheels are turned. Well maybe these are really the abt's,
although they had audi ring insignia on them. The supposed abt's are all the
same free length, while the supposed OEM have two  taller ( in front I

The mechanic also used standard 4000 strut bearings, claiming that there is
no significant difference, other than the decimal point in the price.  

Anyway, I'll be going back to the taller springs, whatever they are. 

Any comments about the strut bearings or springs or shocks would be


Concord NH