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Re: Ned's Rebuttle

>OK this is where I have the problem.  Not only with Ned, but with TAP 
>etc... I dont mind spending $700+ on a real chip mod. But from what 
>you're saying Dan, is that we're being mis-informed (is there such a 
>word??) Thats borderline false advertising. (especially if he sands off 
>the numbers on the chip, IMPLYING that something was done.) 
>There should be NO WAY that a resistor additiion should be that kind of 
>money. That gives the whole industry a bad name.
>I have talked to Ned several times and has been extremely helpful. I have 
>a lot of respect for Ned, but its starting to dwindle...  Thats just

Coupla things here, Ned is doing chip mods at least for the 5K/200/S4/S6, 
I'm getting a new test chip from Ned next week to try, and yes he can 
change ALL of the variables. (We are playing with initial timing advance 
on this on)  

As for the resistor mod.  It's like the story about the furnace repairman 
that comes to your house says he can fix the furnace for $500, you say 
yes, he whips out a big ol hammer whacks the furnace and writes you a 
Itemized bill that says: $5.00 for the hammer and $495 Knowing where to 
hit the furnace with the hammer.  I get a obscene day rate for what I do 
(I Shoot Movies for a living and am a STEADICAM Owner/Operator) I really 
don't have to work very hard but I get the big bucks because I've got 
something (My Eye and Operating skill's) that porducers are willing to 
pay for.  Sure there are other guys like me in the Biz that charge less 
than me, but my clients know what they are getting when they hire me, 'Ya 
get what 'YA pay for.

Whoa that's way to serious for the christmas season!!  Happy Holidays 
folks, Eat, Drink (But Don't drive!) and Be merry!


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com