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'85 4000SQ 4 Sale

Well my old friend is now for sale.  Too many QTC prospects out there not to
be ready to buy.  With 5 Audis and only 3 garage parking spaces there's no
room in the inn.

Sorry Mr. Erickson, can't wait.  We need to clean the stable.  Of course,
you still have first position if you want it.

Details: '85 4000S Quattro with 106k miles.  Red with light gray cloth
interior.  Purchased in January of '93 with 96k on the odometer for use as a
winter ski car only.  Turned into a track car at two PIR driving schools
this year.

New or newer:
15"x7" TSW Stealth wheels
205 50 15 HR Front and VR rear tires with less than 3000 miles (3/95).
turbo boge struts (2/95)
All wheel bearings
rebuilt both front pw motors
passanger rear axle and CV joints
cat back complete new Ansa exhaust
cruise control vacuum motor
AC service and recharge including new receiver/dryer
valve cover gasket
timing belt at 95k miles (per dealer)

Pet peeves:

The car's front fenders and hood was repainted at sometime during its life.
The original paint has weathered better than the respray.  Paint doesn't
match as nice as I would like.

Right front lower control arm bushings need to be replaced ($6 ea. at GJAP)

No antenna installed (Don't ask.  Wife killed two masts this year!).  Have a
replacement antenna and mast which I will give to the next owner.

Two plastic tabs on leather shift boot retaining ring are broken.

1/4" star on right headlight.

Don't know the history of the car other than it was originally from
California.  Its very quick and car handles excellent.  Many people in NW
QCUSA have thought it to be lowered or have asked me what I have done under
the hood.  As far as I know it is stock with only an air box modification.
Had a blast at PIR last month.  Had better lap times in it than my wife's V8.

Anyway, I need to get $4000 for it as it sits.  Will sell it for less
without the new wheels and tires.
Please e-mail any questions or call me at (503) 289-0791 (eves).  Will
consider serious trades for QTCs or other interesting offers.


John Karasaki