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Re: Help...20V valve probs..

   Desparate for some advice here......

   My 90Q20V had been parked for several days in temps between -10
   ans -20 C, with no block heater.  On start-up, the engine
   sounded like a diesel, and I let it idle till warm, hoping the
   clatter would subside.  It didn't.  

   The dealer (South Centre Fine Cars) has looked at it and says the
   timing belt jumped, therefore the clatter was valves and pistons
   interfering.  So far, not good, but not tooooo bad.

If it is truly pistons and valves getting intimate, it is *WAAAAAAY*
bad news, any way you look at it. You have done physical damage, even
if -- for the moment -- the engine still runs.

However, just plain getting cold (-20C isn't all that cold) shouldn't
cause the timing belt to jump a tooth, unless the belt was getting
ready to do so anyways (how often replaced?). Or, through some in-
credibly back luck seemingly related to German Engineering (half the
people I know with Rabbit/Scirrocos/etc. had this type of experience)
some rain/snow/squirrels/whatever managed to get onto your timing
belt, and freeze up into RockIce or something and jam up the belt,
slipping a tooth or two, with resultant trip to dealer...