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Lighting(alas, yet again)

OK, I know there's been a fair amount of discussion about different solutions
for improving lighting.  I had a few questions for everybody, concerning my
'87 5kCST:

A.I was wandering around in radio shack and saw a nifty 12 volt heavy duty
relay.  Wouldn't two of the suckers be enough to convert my wiring for the
higher wattage bulbs?

B.If I do this, where is the recommended/approved location to tap to get the
power from?(I would guess it isn't the battery post up front :)

C.Any recommendations about good bulbs, names/brands, wattages, etc.?

D.Is there an easy way to clean the reflector inside?  It looks kind of
crusty in there and I'm wondering if that might be half of the problem.  Is
the solution cutting the seal between the two halves and cleaning them with
lens paper?  (Note:Isopropyl Alcohol is NOT good-it fogged up the parking
light lens in a rather bizzare way)

E.One last question: Those stupid parking lights.  I guess they really aren't
much good for anything except cloudy/dark days, but what about sticking
something brighter in them too?

F.I'm considering getting driving lights-what is the best for improving the
lighting-but cheapest?(sort of like biggest bang for the buck I guess)  What
brands/models are good/BAD?  How are the stock fog lights and can you get
them at dealerships/elsewhere?  Should I not bother and just get brighter
headlight bulbs?(My guess is that might be cheaper....)

Please keep in mind that I'm kind of short on $$(aren't we all) so if you
could help me out here improving my lighting but not emptying my
wallet...Also, if anybody has changed their stock lighting and are happy with
the results, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
Thanks, and hope your holidays are happy(and safe).


"Grandma got run over by a reindeer...."
Anybody hear that lately?  Funny song :)
(apologies to any grandparents out there :)
If Santa had a car, wouldn't it be a Quattro?
(Or rather, wouldn't his sleigh have a Quattro emblem on the back?)  Funny
though for the holidays