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Basic but imp. gear changing question

Hi, I have a what is really basic but important 
to me question.

This is regarding the 1988 Audi 80 that I just
bought. It has a 5 speed tranny. When I change 
between gears, the engine holds it's rpm for
maybe 3 seconds before dropping.

For example, I am in first gear and go till 3500rpm
and then depress the clutch to shift to second. Well
the engine stays at around 3200 rpm for at least
3 seconds before dropping rpm. If I change, while
it is high the car gives a strong jerk or two. If I
wait for the rpm to fall, the car slows down and the 
guy behind me get's pissed off.

IS this normal behaviour ?? As I can get this possibly
repaired for free on Tue/Wed, I would really appreciate
any help on this matter. TIA.

Best Regards,
Vikram Mittal.

1990 Audi 100
1988 Audi 80 (replaced Honda. I hope I will be happy.)