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Quattro Parts - Cheap

Fellow list members here's a gift.  A German car dismantler here in
Portland, Oregon is closing after about twenty years in the business.  Most
of their Porsche stuff has been purchased by my auto mechanic at A&P
Specialties but there are at least two quattros left in their yard:

'86-'87 5000CS Quattro red, right side body panels look good, left side
maybe; trunk lid; sunroof in place; all glass; rear differential,
suspension, brakes, etc.  Gray leather interior.  No motor (damn!), front
diff., or trans.

'85-'87 4000S or CS quattro.  Red; most windshield back body panels there
and in decent to very good shape; complete quattro brown cloth interior;
rear differential, suspension, brakes, etc.

There were other 5000s, 4000s, and quantums in various stages of
disassembly.  Also noticed a dark gray 4000CS Quattro trunk lid in perfect
condition sitting on one of the cars, and many 4 bolt 5000 wheels (no 5 bolt
quattro wheels).

There prices are excellent now.  Almost any offer accepted (what deals I
got!).  They also are blowing out all their new parts inventory (I forgot to
ask if they had any V8 oil filters, shoot!).  The last day of business is
January 15, 1996.

I am not affiliated with them in any way, just very sad to see them go.
Been shopping there for the past 7 years.  May of their workers have been
there since they opened!

Their phone number is (503) 255-6565.

Happy Holidays,

John Karasaki

John Karasaki

'81 Coupe (4 parts)
'84 5000SW w/ euro headlights (4 sale
'85 4000SQ (4 sale)
'87 5000CST (4 sale)
'90 V8 (wife's; neither for sale!)