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Re: AWD 4-Door Sedans

> Coupla things to keep in mind on your racing endeavors...
> 1)Im assuming you already have the confederate flag painted on the hood. 
> If not, do it. Its quite the statement.

Yep, already took care of that last summer when the Sherwin-Williams store
had their annual sale on paint and brushes.  Next summer, they're probably
going to put their rollers on sale as well ... should be able to paint the
rest of the car then (it takes too long using a 2" brush ... last time, it
took me me almost a full day just to put the primer on!  Of course, you do
save a bit of time with the masking but it's best to do it right and use a
> 2) Rule of thumb: The higher the vehicle, the better it is.  I know a set 
> of hi-jak air shocks in the rear will fit. They fit my hi-po pacer wagon 
> years ago.

I checked with the Pep Boys store over in the next county but they were out
of stock temporarily.  The guy behind the counter said there has been a run
on them since "Wayne's World" opened at the Bijou last month...
> 3) If you mount the radiater further back, you have less chance of 
> puncturing it during the demo-derby. (I learned this the hard way on the 
> ol' rally vega)

Last winter, I blew a heater core and couldn't find a good used spare so I
had to bypass it.  It was okay for a while but after my propane ran out (I
was using my trusty Benz-O-Matic to heat the car), I decided the long-term
solution would be to move the radiator inside the car.  Not only would the
car stay warm but when I started to run low on coolant, I could just add a
bit from the jug I keep in back without stopping ... if I move it back any
further than where it is now (I've got it strapped to the passenger seat),
this time-saving trick won't work anymore.
> If you have any other tips for us let us know. Its always a challenge 
> driving your race car on the streets. Good luck!

The only thing I can think of is to remember to wash the mud off your tires
once you leave the woods and get back on the street ... otherwise, they can
lose traction -- Yes, even with AWD! -- you can find yourself getting stuck
on a pile of wet leaves.  Of course, since I don't get into town very often
and I'm a pretty good driver anyway, this really isn't much of a problem. 

Joe-Bob Worthington
Hashman's Hollow, Ark.