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Re: Oil Weights

Scott, I use regular oil with absolutely no problems.
I find that 5W30 in the Winter is good but per my
experience and the owners manual, it is a bit too
thin for 2-3 hour drives at high speed.

What I do is I put 2 quarts of 10W40 and 1 quart of
5W30 during oil changes. I use good quality Castrol 
or Quaker State.

I have used synthetic in the past but prefer regular 
3000 mile oil changes with the regular stuff.

Best regards,


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Vikram, what type of oil do you use during winter months.  I got my 
sister in
law a 1990 100q and its going to Vermont in two weeks.  I am in the
Carolinas, but will be changing the oil this week.  To the best of my
knowledge, its never used sythethics.  Appreciate your