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Re: Joe-Bob Goez Racin'

> Don't fergit the 'coon tail on the radio antenna fer that extra 5 MPH
> on da top end.  You do understand how that works, don'tcha?

'course I do ... I'm a taxidermist, remember?  I've got at least dozen 'coon
tails to choose from, depending upon the prevailing wind and conditions.
> In our next edition of "Pep up yer old car", we will cover the
> benefits of adding Buick port holes in the front fender, and if space
> permits we will discuss technical aspects of adding a 12" chrome
> horse on da front of da hood.

So far as I can see, the benefit of the port holes is not having to fix the
ones that're already there 'cuz of rust; as for the chrome horsey, I have a
lot better luck with the light-up nekkid lady I ordered from J.C. Whitney's
speed-shop over in Chicago.  Amazing catalog ... they got stuff that Zeke &
Whitey over at the fillin' station haven't been able to find anywhere else,
although most of their racing parts are too expensive for my budget.  I had
to save for months to buy "Thelma-Lou" (that's what I named my nekkid lady)
but she was worth it.  If only I could afford one of them exhaust cut-outs,
fuel-line polarizers or chrome ignition coils ... oh, well: everyone has to
dream, right?

BTW, my car's an '82 model and that's hardly old ... heck, it's still got a
lot of the interior and trunk floor left!  Also, I notice you've got a bike
or two: I got me a Honda Trail 90 for off-road'n and a shiny orange AMF 125
for the street (or at least what passes for street around these parts).  If
my car racin' doesn't work out, I'm thinking about trying bikes next...

Joe-Bob Worthington
Hashman's Hollow, Ark.