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Hi all.  Not Buffum here,

Thanks for the replies to my S6 in the snow note.  I've made some cool looking
rooster tails as the right side tires dig for traction in the snow banks lining
the streets.  

Also put it into one of those banks, at night, without a shovel.  Had to walk
for the shovel and DIG.  Nobody stopped to offer help.  I guess they just
assumed I wasn't stuck since I was in a Quattro.  I must have just wanted to
shovel snow on my knees.

The car is great though.  I wish I owned it.  

Also the fact that the only reason I've gone anywhere at all with the S6 in the
snow/ice on Z rated wide boys is the fact that it IS a Quattro.  I realize that.

Good Holidays

Neil Swanson