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Re: V8 surge problems

On Tue, 26 Dec 1995 Majewskier@aol.com wrote:

>> My '90 V8 "surges",  for lack of a more exact term.  At part throttle. ie.
>> when cruising at a steady highway speed, I can definitely notice a somewhat
>> cyclic increase/decrease  in engine output.

and Eliot Lim replied:

>my car did this too for a while and the problem went away when the OXS
>was replaced as part of the 60K service.  actually i had all the various
>pieces of the 60K done at slightly different times, so i know for a fact
>that a new OXS fixed the problem.

I also had the same problem and the same fix on my car - oxygen sensor.  Had
to replace it at 30k and 54k ('91 V8).  My problem usually became obvious
first under acceleration at higher RPM, then slowly began to spread......SLM