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Re: Snow capability of the BFGs VR4

>I seem to recall a review in one of the car magazines many years ago stating
>that the BF Goodrich VR4 had mediocre snow performance.  In rain and dry
>weather, I hear it's a good tire.
>Does anyone remember the review or have any feedback on the snow capability
>of this tire?

I have 215/60 VR4's on my V8...I suppose I'd classify them as a good
comprimise tire.  Not bad at all in the dry, pretty good in the wet, and
just OK in the snow.  The other downside is that I find them on the noisy
side.  Upside is they are inexpensive.  For the next set (I have about 60%
left now), I'm going to a 16 inch wheel and yoks or dunlops (had good luck
with those in the past...)

Mark Hogan
90 V8
88 Trooper
94 GMC Safari