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Re: Slowly falling rpm due to throttle body ??

Hairy green toads from Mars made Vikram Mittal say:

> When I release the accelerator, it releases 
> immediately. However, on the throttle body, 
> above the accelerator mechanism there is another
> mechaanism for the cruise control. This takes 
> it's timne in returning. 
> Does this mean that a spring in the throttle
> body needs to be replaced. That looks quite 
> complex. Hopefully it's not. Any clues ?
> Andrew ??

I don't know what this could be; maybe the hinge just needs to
be lubricated a little?

Try popping the cruise control vaccuum line off and see if the
throttle works any better. The CC won't work this way, but the
rest of the car will. Is there any residual vaccuum in the hose?


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