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Re: help! CV joint repair question

> If you're just R&R ing the outer joint, you don't even have to remove
> the whole axleshaft. Just cut off the CV boot on the outer joint and tap
> it off; leaving the shaft and inner joint still on the vehicle...

Likewise for the inner joint ... if you remove the outer joint (which I've
found to be relatively easy), you can replace the inner boot by sliding it
down the driveshaft.  You can also do a half-assed job of repacking it but
it's probably best to remove the driveshaft and do that off the car so you
can get fresh grease to both sides.  I've done this so many times now that
it only takes me about 30 minutes a side, longer if I try to reuse the old
clamps since it takes a while to straighten them out enough so they can be
used a second time (I've never found a source for these alone).

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