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Audi 80 2.6E

I own a Audi 80 2.6E (automatic gearbox) build in oct 1991.
This is therefor one of the first 6-cyl Audi 80's ever build.

I have constantly had trouble with the exhaust system, over the past 3 years 
the car has seen the shop about 11 times to correct vibrations in the 
exhuast system. In later models Audi have completely changed the exhaust 
system. In my car two completely seperate exhaust run from each cylinder 
bank to the rear of the car. Only at the very last muffler, the pipes are 
joined. Later models had this joint just after the exhaust manifold, from 
there running into a single, big, catalyc converter.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems, or am I the only one with this 
problem, as my garage always try to make me believe.

BTW, between shop visits, the car runs just great!

Bert Duursma