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Seat Heater lights

Originally intended for Soloman Ngan, but his address wouldn't accept it:
On 30 Dec Soloman wrote "... the light of the switch doesn't work."

Soloman:  The problem is as simple as a burned out bulb in the switch.  The
drawback is the switch is expensive to replace ($25+ maybe) for something as
minor as a bad bulb (maybe $0.50).  The seat heater switches are not like the
other switches (rear defogger, fog lights, ABS) that all have replaceable light
bulbs.  The bulbs in the seat heater switches are soldered in.  I dismantled a
switch (I had a spare with bad bulb) and it looks easy enough to replace with
three caveats: (1) Be very careful taking the switch apart, especially the red
plastic part.  It is very fragile and the little tabs/feet break easily.  Maybe
some sort of super-glue solvent/remover would help.  Also make sure you don't
lose the little ball-bearing like part next to the moving switch.  (2) Be handy
with a soldering iron.  You will be working on a circuit board.  (3) Good luck
finding the replacement bulb.  I am in Germany and there aren't any Radio Shacks
around.  I've asked about similar replacements, but I can't find the wattage for
the bulb, and I get looks like "So what, buy a new switch".  I tried to measure
the resistance of the good bulb in my other switch, but it is so small as to
measure zero on my multi-meter.  If you do find the correct bulb, on your own or
from someone else on the list, please let me know.

Joe Yakubik
Three switches: the good, the bad, the burned out.