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Re: Seat Heater lights

Over here in Canada the switch is about $150 cnd.  I sure like to be 
able to replace the bulb.  I have no problem handling the soldering 
gun.  But dismantling the switch looks tricky.  I see the red plastic 
cover from the front.  I guess to dismantle the switch I have to take 
it from the back.  But the switch seems solidly assembled, not meant 
to be dismantled.

  Has anyone got experience in dismantling one ?  

> Soloman:  The problem is as simple as a burned out bulb in the switch.  The
> drawback is the switch is expensive to replace ($25+ maybe) for something as
> minor as a bad bulb (maybe $0.50).  The seat heater switches are not like the
> other switches (rear defogger, fog lights, ABS) that all have replaceable light
> bulbs.  The bulbs in the seat heater switches are soldered in.  I dismantled a
> switch (I had a spare with bad bulb) and it looks easy enough to replace with
> three caveats: (1) Be very careful taking the switch apart, especially the red
> plastic part.  It is very fragile and the little tabs/feet break easily.  Maybe
> some sort of super-glue solvent/remover would help.  Also make sure you don't
> lose the little ball-bearing like part next to the moving switch.  (2) Be handy
> with a soldering iron.  You will be working on a circuit board.  (3) Good luck
> finding the replacement bulb.


Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
  '93 100s
  '90 90q20v