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stiffer valve springs/Turbo Q's

At 09:29 AM 12/30/95 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm no authority, but I don't think a stiffer wastegate spring will have
>any effect on your redline.  The difference will be in how fast you get

Thanks for all the 411 on turbo cars, wastegate springs; especially since I
am looking at getting a 200TQ in the near future. Looking anyway.
I have drivin a couple '90 200TQ's, and they are smoooooth. Unfortunatly, I
can probably only afford an 89 200, and, I do not know if it is due to
different engineering, bad luck, or what, but the 89's I have driven have
been a lot less refined than the '90s. The clutches don't seem smooth, kinda
cheezy, and the engine is louder, not as smooth. Doesn't seem to want to run
as hard as the '90. Maybe I've just driven bad ones? Who knows. I know there
is some sort of difference between the 89s and 90s, someone was telling me
it is harder to tweak as much power from the 90s. I would rather only
upgrade 60-80 hp on a 90, and have it be smoother, than get 80-120 on an '89
and have it be rough and loud.

who knows.

..so thanks again for the info about that, but I _was_ talking about VALVE
springs. I'm no expert (ok, I don't know jack #$%^ about them) on the turbo
cars, but I would imagine valve springs on your wastegate would be a tricky
and unreliable propisition. :)